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What are the precautions when using new tear gas?

2023-07-17 16:08:45

The new standard tear gas device is currently a widely used police equipment, which temporarily loses the resistance of lawbreakers by spraying tear gas solution. Many people mistakenly use tear gas sprayers with different styles and types due to various reasons such as operational errors, failure to pay attention to certain precautions, or unclear usage methods. Today, the editor will talk about the precautions for using new tear gas sprayers.
When using new standard tear gas, it is necessary to regularly check the remaining amount of liquid in the tank to avoid insufficient spraying distance due to insufficient air pressure, which may not have the desired killing effect.
If the tear gas solution accidentally comes into contact with the skin or eyes during use, it should be promptly washed with water. After cleaning, do not apply skincare or ointment to avoid secondary injury.
When there is wind at the use site, the sprayed solution will also blow with the wind, which requires users to choose a reasonable location to occupy. The upper air vent will prevent the solution from coming into contact with oneself and causing harm, and will blow the solution towards the target. It is important to accurately determine the direction of the wind.
Finally, when the new standard tear gas is not in use, the preservation cover must be kept closed to avoid causing harm to the surrounding population when touched incorrectly.
Now, with the development of product diversification, there are many new types of tear jerkers on the market
1. The new horizontal spray type tear gas spray has a warranty period of three years, and the quality is guaranteed! Can be equipped with a transmitter
2. Women's anti wolf spray (women's tear spray)
3. New full set tear gas device for police use
4. Electric shock tear gas riot gun
Type 5.97-2 gun type tear gas and riot prevention device, armed escort equipment. This tear gas and riot prevention device has functions such as spraying tear gas, and is widely used for self-defense and riot prevention in public security, armed police forces, and security armed escorts.
6.64 tear gas gun, round head tear gas, new label tear gas, square head tear gas, etc.
The above is a brief introduction by the editor of police equipment, hoping to be helpful to everyone.