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Pulse light defense flashlight - one of the important single police equipment

2023-09-18 10:58:55

As one of the essential single police equipment for police officers, the police strong flashlight has an indispensable and unquestionable position. Usually, the front end of the police strong flashlight has aggressive spines and grooves, which can play a role in attacking uniforms. The standard configuration of the strong flashlight also has a flash function, which can cause short-term temporary dizziness or blindness of criminals, and can serve as a self-defense uniform, The pulse light defense flashlight operated by Jiangsu Liufanmen Police Equipment Co., Ltd. is very suitable for the daily attendance activities of frontline judicial police such as police, armed police, and legal officers,
Pulse light defense flashlight, can be used for daily lighting, pulse light red and blue flash dazzling self-defense, purple light trace detection and ticket anti-counterfeiting detection, tail emergency window breaking and attack use, and the flashlight itself is small and delicate, very easy to carry around.
Pulse light defense flashlights are not only suitable for the task attendance of frontline police agencies, but also for personal self-defense, vehicle safety warning, purple light anti-counterfeiting detection (banknote anti-counterfeiting detection, bill anti-counterfeiting detection), trace detection, chemical agent detection (fluorescent agents, etc.), safe window breaking escape, etc.
Although the pulsed light defense flashlight is not a strong pulsed light wave that causes injury, it should also be noted that it cannot be continuously exposed for three minutes or more when used. Even if the eyes are closed, it may cause dizziness or even vomiting in the other party. So during normal use, there is no need for continuous illumination. Instead, the switch can be turned off when the target's key target is illuminated, as it will immediately cause temporary visual impairment (inability to open the eyes and dizziness) and lose attack power, resulting in being treated.

When using a pulsed light defense flashlight, there are also some other precautions to pay attention to, such as the high power of the red and blue flash. To prevent overheating, the protection board will automatically close after 5 minutes. If you need to continue using it, please press the switch again to start. Of course, if you haven't used a flashlight for a long time, you also need to charge it every three months to protect the flashlight battery.
Jiangsu Liufanmen Police Equipment Co., Ltd. not only has pulse light defense flashlights, but also portable mini flashlights for the general public, tactical flashlights, new standard police flashlights, etc. Jiangsu Liufanmen Police Equipment Co., Ltd.'s products also include: police equipment, Type 99 police standard clothing, single police equipment, special police tactical equipment, anti-terrorism equipment, security equipment, protective equipment, police shoes and socks, traffic police equipment, prison warning gear, police bicycles, etc, Police gift is a professional and innovative enterprise registered by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China, specializing in the police equipment industry in China, integrating scientific research, production, and sales.

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