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Why can strong flashlights become one of the important police equipment

2023-09-25 09:07:56

There is no essential difference in principle and structure between a strong flashlight and an ordinary flashlight, but a strong flashlight is different from the ordinary flashlights that we ordinary people use. The responsibility of an ordinary flashlight is lighting, while the responsibility of a strong flashlight is not only lighting, but also self-defense and attack.
Police flashlights, also known as tactical flashlights, are a type of auxiliary equipment for military or police use. This type of flashlight is generally used by police or military personnel during tasks, and qualified and legitimate flashlights need to meet the requirements for use in various harsh environmental conditions. Such as high and low temperature performance, sealing performance, anti-corrosion performance, durability, illumination, color temperature, etc. In fact, on the surface, the structural principles of a strong flashlight and a regular flashlight are the same, but their difference lies in the lens of the flashlight. The lens of an ordinary flashlight is made of ordinary colorless transparent glass, and the light emitted by an ordinary flashlight is evenly dispersed. On the other hand, the lens of a strong flashlight is made of high-quality reinforced glass, which acts like a magnifying glass, concentrating the light emitted by an LED lamp and projecting it towards the area where it shines without dispersion, Due to the high exposure to strong light, it has a strong visual impact on the eyes of the exposed person. If the flash mode is turned on, the light of the strong flashlight may flash 3-5 times per second, which has a strong dizziness effect on the human eye and can instantly blind enemies, thus playing a self-protection and attack role. Due to the portability advantage of strong flashlights in the field of non lethal weapons, they can be used as close range self-defense attack weapons and small blunt weapons at critical moments. Therefore, strong flashlights play a very important role in police military equipment and are one of the new military and police equipment.

Moreover, there is a fundamental difference between the material used in the shell of a strong flashlight and that of a regular flashlight. The shell of a regular flashlight can be made of ordinary plastic or iron sheet, while the shell of a strong flashlight is made of 6061 aluminum and a hard anodized coating used for military purposes, precision CNC machining, thickened polar oxidation treatment, and rubber sealing to ensure moisture resistance, These essential conditions enable strong light flashlights to be used in any harsh or even extreme environment.
In 2018, the new standard police single alarm equipment divided the strong light flashlight into basic and tactical types, with the basic type being a front switch and the tactical type being a rear cover switch. Jiangsu Liufanmen Police Equipment Co., Ltd. also has specialized pulse light defense flashlights for military and police, K98 flashlight sticks, new standard police flashlights, first-generation police flashlights, etc. It is a professional police equipment operator.

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